Bonnie McCullough
Lifespan September 1990 - Present
Species Psychic (former), Witch (current)
Cause of Death: None
Significant Others Raymond Hernandez (ex-boyfriend), Zander (husband)
Significant Kills: None

Bonnie Mae McCullough is a psychic who later becomes a witch. She is pictured here on the cover of The Hunters: Destiny Rising. She has curly strawberry hair and brown eyes. She is the younger sister of Mary and Nora McCullough. She keeps a diary in 2008.

Early LifeEdit

She grew up in Fell's Church, Virginia with her parents and her older sisters Nora and Mary. She was close friends with Elena, Meredith and Caroline.

The AwakeningEdit

The StruggleEdit

The FuryEdit

Dark ReunionEdit

The Return: NightfallEdit

The Return: Shadow SoulsEdit

The Return: MidnightEdit

The Hunters: PhantomEdit



Bonnie in The Return. Art by Jan Sovak.


Bonnie in the original series. Art by Jan Sovak.