Judith Maxwell
Lifespan Mid 20th Century - Present
Species Human
Cause of Death: None
Significant Others Robert Maxwell
Significant Kills: None

Judith Maxwell is Elena Gilbert's and Margaret Gilbert's aunt, whom they refer to as Aunt Judith. She quit her job and moved to Fell's Church to be their guardian upon the death of their parents. In Moonsong, it is revealed that she is the Gilberts' mother's sister and that her original name was Judith Morrow. In Dark Reunion, Bonnie calls her "Miss Gilbert", as does Meredith in The Awakening, but this may be a mistake on their part, assuming Judith was a Gilbert. Judith always looks very anxious and worried and is concerned about the safety of her neices.

Judith has a fiance in the original trilogy called Robert Maxwell, and she takes Margaret Trick-or-Treating in The Awakening. In The Struggle, she and Robert are very suspicious of Stefan due to Damon's Influence and try to convince Elena to date Damon instead. They become outraged at the end of the book when Elena announces her engagement to them, and she angrily runs off with that being the last time they see her. Judith comments in The Fury that her and Robert yelling at Elena is what caused her to drive off and die, and that they should not get married so soon so that her attention is not taken away from parenting as it was when Elena was alive. As Robert leaves, Judith gets up to run after him, but sees Elena in the window and screams. Katherine continuously gives her nightmares, appearing as Elena and telling her that it was her fault for Elena's death. Bonnie comments at the end of the book that Judith is one of the adults who does not believe the supernatural tale the survivors try to explain, and that she needs a rational explanation. She appears at Bonnie and Meredith's graduation in Dark Reunion with Robert and Margaret and gives flowers to Bonnie, saying that it would have been a very important day for Elena, too. She and Robert had gotten married sometime between this book and The Fury. Judith does not appear at all in The Return.

In Phantom, when Elena gets her old life back, she discovers that Judith is okay with Stefan and the antagonization is not there anymore. Elena was also present for her wedding with Robert in everyone's memories. She had hired Caleb Smallwood to do yardwook for them over the summer. In Moonsong, she hurries Elena to finish getting ready to leave for college but is sad to see her go and cries.